laurence dougal myers

ScummSpeaks v3 r5 has bee nreleased.

  • Add (hacky) suport for Curse of Monkey Island (CoMI) - note that you should only use the exported BUN file, and ignore the TAB file (because the sound files are split across two BUN files, and while you can load the one LANGUAGE.TAB file which contains mappings for both BUN files, you can only load one BUN file at a time into ScummSpeaks).
  • Import/Export Sync and Marker metadata as list of bytes for V7+ resources (.BUN).
  • Fix default value for LipSynch metadata in older resources (<= V6, MONSTER.SOU)
I've been sitting on this release for a while so I'm not sure how stale it is, let me know if there's any problems.

Python Source (62.87 KB)

Win32 Executable (5.07 MB)