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Support mailing list removed

I’ve removed the support mailing list, since it wasn’t used and was getting spammed. If you have any issues or questions, just e-mail me directly.

I have yet to update references to the support list in any app documentation.

Site back up

This site was down for a few days after my web host upgraded my server to a different OS. I had to recompile Python to resolve an issue with SSL libs, in order to recompile MySQL-python to resolve another issue. Anyway, all sorted now.

ScummPacker v3 r2

ScummPacker v3 r2 has been released, fixing some critical defects.

  • Fix packing of V4 games.
  • Fix unpacking of non-English versions of Monkey Island 1 VGA.
  • Updated manual with links to BitBucket, correct license information.

Python Source

Win32 Executable

BitBucket site

DRO Trimmer v4 r4

DRO Trimmer v4 r4 has been released, fixing some critical defects.

  • Fix: Issue #11: rendering to WAV now works again in dro_player and dro_split.
  • Fix: Issue #12: dro_split: rendering to DRO now works, when the input DRO file is DRO v1 or contains unrecognised registers.

Python Source (77 KB)

Win32 Executable (5.5 MB)

BitBucket site (including online documentation)

DRO Trimmer v4 r3

DRO Trimmer v4 r3 has been released.

  • New: can specify a “chip write delay” in drotrim.ini, allowing emulation of tiny pauses between writing instructions to an OPL2/OPL3 chip.
  • New: dro_split: can now split songs to multiple DRO files, one per channel. (Previously, you could only split to WAV files.)
  • Fix: audio stream is now only opened when first audio output occurs. This means dro_split no longer tries to open an audio stream, which could fail on PCs with limited audio capabilities. Also try to close the audio stream when the app exits.
  • Fix: dro_player: the playback counter is now more accurate.

Also, I had to wipe out the BitBucket source code repository and recreate it, to fix some dodgy older commits. If you have cloned the repo in the past, please clone it again. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Source Code Repositories Added for All Apps

I’ve made the Mercurial source code repositories for my old SCUMM tools public, they’ve been published on BitBucket. I’ve also added links to the repositories on each app’s info page. Hopefully, this will make it easier for people to fork their own versions of the code and make changes.



SCUMM Image Encoder
Note that the SCUMM Image Encoder repository was merged from an old Subversion repo and a newer Mercurial repo, hopefully the merge didn’t introduce any regressions.


DRO Trimmer and RobinPacker already have public source code repositories available, now they have a proper link on each app’s info page.

DRO Trimmer


New Tool: RobinPacker

Here is a new tool, RobinPacker, designed to pack/unpack various resources for the game “The Adventures of Robin Hood” by Millenium Interactive. Please see the online README on GitHub for more details.


For README, source code repository, and issue tracking.

Win32 Executable

Python Source

DRO Trimmer v4 r2

DRO Trimmer v4 r2 has been released.

  • New: dro_player: can now render songs to WAV files.
  • New: dro_player: can solo channels during playback, using keys from 0-9.
  • New: dro_split: new command line tool, to render each channel to a separate WAV file.
  • Fix: Reduced memory consumption, at the cost of CPU performance. On my PC, the command line player uses 3mb of RAM, vs 10mb. The normal GUI will still take over 30mb due to the use of WxWidgets. (This also has resulted in a streamlined codebase)
  • Fix: some multithreading issues.
  • Fix: improved dialog message when incorrect song length.
  • Fix: better usage text for command line tools.
  • Fix: OPL emulation was not reset between plays, so for example, volume changes could persist between playing from the start of a song and immediately playing from the beginning again.

Python Source (72.7 KB)

Win32 Executable (5.5 MB)

BitBucket site (including online documentation)

Website Updated

I’ve updated the website to use a proper web framework, and applied some new stylings. Content is now split up across multiple pages. The site is designed to be viewed on a desktop computer (at least 1024 x 748 resolution), on a modern web browser (e.g. Firefox, Chrome, or IE9). The site will be ugly in older browsers, but should still be fully functional. Likewise, the site should still work if you have JavaScript disabled. There will be ongoing improvements as the fancy takes me.

No doubt there will be teething problems, please let me know of any issues you find.

Potential issue in ScummSpeaks and other GUI tools for Win32

I’ve received an error report from a user of ScummSpeaks. Attempting to start the Win32 binaries in Windows XP failed, and the user received this message in the log file:

This error is caused by the missing file “msvcp71.dll“. This file comes from the Microsoft Visual C++ 2003 (7.1) runtime. You will need to find and install that runtime, possibly by installing the .NET 1.1 framework runtime, or finding the DLL and copying it into the application directory.

I will probably need to repackage all GUI application Win32 binaries to include this DLL.

Running from the source code will not have this issue.