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Website Updated

I’ve updated the website to use a proper web framework, and applied some new stylings. Content is now split up across multiple pages. The site is designed to be viewed on a desktop computer (at least 1024 x 748 resolution), on a modern web browser (e.g. Firefox, Chrome, or IE9). The site will be ugly […]

Permalinks for all applications

I’ve set up permalinks for all applications, and make things a bit nicer to link to. This link will display the list of all of my applications. Here are links for each application: DRO Trimmer Scummbler SCUMM Image Encoder ScummPacker ScummSpeaks You can get an application’s latest binaries or source code, by adding “bin” […] – Website Updated

I’ve updated the website, the software information is now dynamically generated from a backend database. This should make it easier for me to update, and makes the user experience more consistent. I’ve also increased the overall font size and jostled around some of the areas. I’ve also gone through my archives and updated all the […]

New mailing list for support issues, feature requests, and general chat

I’ve decided to set up a dedicated mailing list, which can be used for any support issues for my tools, or feature requests, or just general game hacking discussions. Mostly because I need to show evidence of an “active community” in order to qualify for a free license for PyCharm, and it doesn’t look like […]

Status update for April 2010 – What’s the old fool up to?

Have been working on a new version of ScummSpeaks, with more sophisticated packing/unpacking (extract resources like VOC and MIDI, saves some data in XML files, etc). Support for SCUMM V5 is complete, but I don’t want to release it until I finish support for V4 and V3. Progress is currently stalled. A simple download manager […]

A Fool’s Deeds

Hi! I’m jestar jokin. You might remember from such films as “OH GOD MY BRAIN IS ON FIRE PLEASE TURN IT OFF I’M NOT KIDDING THIS MOVIE IS SO BAD I CAN FEEL MY HIGHER COGNITIVE FUNCTIONS TURNING INTO A GOOEY PUDDLE OF SYNAPSES”, and “Harry Potter and the Rather Hard Maths Assignment (It’s, Uh, […]