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Anything to do with software, including games.

Source Code Repositories Added for All Apps

I’ve made the Mercurial source code repositories for my old SCUMM tools public, they’ve been published on BitBucket. I’ve also added links to the repositories on each app’s info page. Hopefully, this will make it easier for people to fork their own versions of the code and make changes. ScummSpeaks ScummPacker SCUMM Image […]

New Tool: RobinPacker

Here is a new tool, RobinPacker, designed to pack/unpack various resources for the game “The Adventures of Robin Hood” by Millenium Interactive. Please see the online README on GitHub for more details. GitHub For README, source code repository, and issue tracking. Win32 Executable Python Source

Potential issue in ScummSpeaks and other GUI tools for Win32

I’ve received an error report from a user of ScummSpeaks. Attempting to start the Win32 binaries in Windows XP failed, and the user received this message in the log file:

This error is caused by the missing file “msvcp71.dll“. This file comes from the Microsoft Visual C++ 2003 (7.1) runtime. You will need to […]

MusicSort – a small script for renaming and sorting music folders

I have a reasonable collection of music in a variety of compressed formats. I like to arrange my music in a tree structure on the filesystem, sorted by genre. I also like to name the album directories in a particular format. I had acquired a backlog of albums to rename & sort, so, one day […]

Scummbler v2 r11

Scummbler v2 r11 now returns error codes when the program exits. It also fixes an issue with the “cursorCommand” instruction not being parsed at all. Here are the error codes: 0 = no problems 1 = error in the arguments passed into Scummbler 2 = known error parsing the script(s) 3 = unknown error parsing […]


Win32 Binaries for SCUMM utils

My butt pushed me off itself and forced me to make some Win32 binaries for the current revisions of ScummPacker, Scummbler, ScummSpeaks, and SCUMM Image Encoder (mi2img). They’re available on the main page, or after the break.


Scummbler v2 r6 (EDIT: r7)

I MAY have uploaded the latest version of Scummbler without actually testing that it worked, and I MAY not have finished writing the code before I uploaded it. Then again, the moon landing MAY have been faked; we just can’t be sure about these things, can we? Anyway, new version of Scummbler that actually works […]

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Robin Hood – Reversing a Microcosm

The Adventures of Robin Hood is a game released in 1992, developed by Millenium. It was programmed by Steve Grand, who later went on to create the popular Creatures sim series. Robin Hood could be considered one of the first world sims, populated by independent characters, one of which you have some control over (Robin […]

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