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Scummbler v2 r14

New version of Scummbler (v2 r14). Adds support for inline string functions, like “wait”, “newline”, “sound”, “getInt”, “setColor”, etc. Binary: Source: I have also submitted a patch for descumm (part of the ScummVM tools), which makes SCUMM V5 and lower output the inline string functions, where previously it would output escape character codes […]

ScummSpeaks v3 r2

ScummSpeaks v3 r2 has been released. It is a bugfix release, and includes the following changes: Fix inability to save text files (“AttributeError: ‘TextData’ object has no attribute ‘save_to_file’”) Fix “TypeError: decoding Unicode is not supported” when using “Find” dialog Win32 Binaries Source Manual

ScummSpeaks v3 r1

ScummSpeaks v3 r1 has been released. It includes the following changes: Big overhaul! Redesigned how ScummSpeaks works; it now stores mappings of sounds to lines of speech, saved in an XML file, and both the text and sounds must be exported to game resources as a final step. (You will need to manually use ScummTr […]


Scummbler v2 r13 and ScummPacker v2 r2

New versions of Scummbler and ScummPacker. Scummbler v2 r13 Much more accurate error reporting. Pyparsing library now included in the source (I’ve had to modify it in order to support better error reporting). Fix example script in the manual (escape codes were “\x033” instead of “\x03”). Source/Python Script Win32 Binaries — Scummpacker v2 […]


Scummbler v2 r12

New version of Scummbler (v2 r12). Fix drawBox modifying main opcode instead of auxilliary opcode. Fix drawObject using wrong sub-opcode. Fix saveVerbs/restoreVerbs outputting the wrong opcode. Fix SetPalColor outputting a word instead of a byte for last parameter. Fix the auxilliary opcode values for SetPalColor, drawBox, setRGBRoomIntensity. Supports new descumm formatting, also with support for […]


Scummbler v2 r9

Scummbler v2 r9 adds the new command line option “-o”, allowing you to specify a file name for the output script. Note that if you specify an output file name, you cannot specify multiple input files (or a directory containing multiple input files). Useful if you want to integrate Scummbler into another application or automated […]


Scummbler v2 r8

Scummbler v2 r8 has been released. It includes the following changes: Fix issue with nested “if” blocks; scripts now compile considerably faster. The exact improvement will depend on the complexity of the script, but as an example, one script that used to compile in 18 seconds now compiles in 4; another script that used to […]


Win32 Binaries for SCUMM utils

My butt pushed me off itself and forced me to make some Win32 binaries for the current revisions of ScummPacker, Scummbler, ScummSpeaks, and SCUMM Image Encoder (mi2img). They’re available on the main page, or after the break.