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ScummPacker v3 r2

ScummPacker v3 r2 has been released, fixing some critical defects. Fix packing of V4 games. Fix unpacking of non-English versions of Monkey Island 1 VGA. Updated manual with links to BitBucket, correct license information. Python Source Win32 Executable BitBucket site

Source Code Repositories Added for All Apps

I’ve made the Mercurial source code repositories for my old SCUMM tools public, they’ve been published on BitBucket. I’ve also added links to the repositories on each app’s info page. Hopefully, this will make it easier for people to fork their own versions of the code and make changes. ScummSpeaks ScummPacker SCUMM Image […]

Potential issue in ScummSpeaks and other GUI tools for Win32

I’ve received an error report from a user of ScummSpeaks. Attempting to start the Win32 binaries in Windows XP failed, and the user received this message in the log file:

This error is caused by the missing file “msvcp71.dll“. This file comes from the Microsoft Visual C++ 2003 (7.1) runtime. You will need to […]

SCUMM Image Encoder v2 r2

SCUMM Image Encoder v2 r2 has been released. Add support for encoding/decoding V2 graphics. Add experimental support for encoding/decoding V1 graphics. Big code restructure. Add tests & example images/resources. V2 graphics only support EGA. Note that V1 graphics have considerable restrictions on the image data, due to being designed to work for the Commodore 64. […]

ScummSpeaks v3 r5

ScummSpeaks v3 r5 has bee nreleased. Add (hacky) suport for Curse of Monkey Island (CoMI) – note that you should only use the exported BUN file, and ignore the TAB file (because the sound files are split across two BUN files, and while you can load the one LANGUAGE.TAB file which contains mappings for both […]

Scummbler v2 r15

New version of Scummbler (v2 r15). Changes: Fix “drawObject” in V3-4 (was missing 3rd argument and outputting the wrong opcode). Fix “getState” instruction’s syntax (was originally defined as “if (getState(Local[0] == 0))”, should have been “if (getState(Local[0]) == 0)”). “debug?” instruction renamed to “debug”. “PutCodeInString” – add support for a missing 2nd argument (as output […]

ScummPacker v3 r1a

It seems there was a problem with the last build of ScummPacker. I’m not sure why, possibly because I did it on a different computer than usual. This release is just a new build which seems to be working. There are no code changes. Win32 Binaries Python Source


ScummSpeaks v3 r4

A bug fix release for ScummSpeaks. Fix issue where importing sounds into a MONSTER speech map did not sort the sounds by ID (original offset), resulting in invalid game resources when exporting. Win32 Binaries Python Source


ScummPacker v3 r1, and SCUMM Image Encoder v2 r1

ScummPacker v3 r1 Complete rewrite. Breaks all compatability with old versions. Supports SCUMM v4, v5, and v6 games, as well some v3 games. Outputs some information (such as headers) to XML format. No longer need to explicitly state the order of each block. All object data are contained within their own sub-folder. Local scripts are […]

ScummSpeaks v3 r3

A new bug fix for ScummSpeaks. Summary Fix problem trying to export sound resources, where the sound map contains sounds that are not mapped to any line of text (and will effectively be unused in the game). This might exhibit itself in an error box popping up with a message like “973996”. Win32 Binaries […]