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Source Code Repositories Added for All Apps

I’ve made the Mercurial source code repositories for my old SCUMM tools public, they’ve been published on BitBucket. I’ve also added links to the repositories on each app’s info page. Hopefully, this will make it easier for people to fork their own versions of the code and make changes. ScummSpeaks ScummPacker SCUMM Image […]

New Tool: RobinPacker

Here is a new tool, RobinPacker, designed to pack/unpack various resources for the game “The Adventures of Robin Hood” by Millenium Interactive. Please see the online README on GitHub for more details. GitHub For README, source code repository, and issue tracking. Win32 Executable Python Source

Robin Hood – The Rules, Roughly

After nearly two years since I poked around in Robin Hood’s guts (I’m referring to the game, of course), I got the urge to investigate further, and now have a rough idea of how the data in the rules files is stored. I will be discussing the format based on the “ERULES.PRG” file, which contains […]

The Clue! Profidisk – request for an German->English translator

I’ve heard whispers that The Clue! is being considered for inclusion in ScummVM. I’d love if it was. This got me looking into the source code for The Clue!, which was released to the public quite a few years ago. It looks like there was a “Profidisk” expansion released for the game, but only for […]