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DRO Trimmer and related subjects

DRO Trimmer v4 r4

DRO Trimmer v4 r4 has been released, fixing some critical defects. Fix: Issue #11: rendering to WAV now works again in dro_player and dro_split. Fix: Issue #12: dro_split: rendering to DRO now works, when the input DRO file is DRO v1 or contains unrecognised registers. Python Source (77 KB) Win32 Executable (5.5 MB) BitBucket site […]

DRO Trimmer v4 r3

DRO Trimmer v4 r3 has been released. New: can specify a “chip write delay” in drotrim.ini, allowing emulation of tiny pauses between writing instructions to an OPL2/OPL3 chip. New: dro_split: can now split songs to multiple DRO files, one per channel. (Previously, you could only split to WAV files.) Fix: audio stream is now only […]

Source Code Repositories Added for All Apps

I’ve made the Mercurial source code repositories for my old SCUMM tools public, they’ve been published on BitBucket. I’ve also added links to the repositories on each app’s info page. Hopefully, this will make it easier for people to fork their own versions of the code and make changes. ScummSpeaks ScummPacker SCUMM Image […]

DRO Trimmer v4 r2

DRO Trimmer v4 r2 has been released. New: dro_player: can now render songs to WAV files. New: dro_player: can solo channels during playback, using keys from 0-9. New: dro_split: new command line tool, to render each channel to a separate WAV file. Fix: Reduced memory consumption, at the cost of CPU performance. On my PC, […]

Potential issue in ScummSpeaks and other GUI tools for Win32

I’ve received an error report from a user of ScummSpeaks. Attempting to start the Win32 binaries in Windows XP failed, and the user received this message in the log file:

This error is caused by the missing file “msvcp71.dll“. This file comes from the Microsoft Visual C++ 2003 (7.1) runtime. You will need to […]

DRO Trimmer v4 r1

DRO Trimmer v4 r1 has been released. Documentation now available, online via BitBucket, and distributed with the binary package as a static HTML file. Added “Undo” and “Redo” menu items and shortcuts. You can now undo/redo any changes to the DRO file. Added “Goto” dialog, for instantly going to a specified position. Added “Loop Analysis” […]

DRO Trimmer v3 r7

DRO Trimmer v3 r7 has been released. Add configuration option to specify the “playback tail” length. Add configuration option to specify the audio buffer size. Add dro2to1 tool, converts DRO V2 files to the V1 format. Fix issue #1 – pressing backspace/delete key in “Song Info” dialog deletes instructions. Fix issue #2 – misspelling of […]

DRO Trimmer v3 r6

DRO Trimmer v3 r6 has been released. Add keyboard shortcuts: CTRL-F for Find Register CTRL-I for DRO Info CTRL-SHIFT-S for Save As CTRL-S for Save CTRL-O for Open DRO CTRL-H for Help Spacebar to start & stop music playback (from selected pos.) Prevent multiple “Find Register” dialogs from opening. (Would cause unexpected behaviour) Fix issue […]

DRO Trimmer v3 r5

DRO Trimmer v3 r5 has been released. Added a new ‘DRO Info’ menu option, to view and edit some DRO info (like the hardware type, or the song length). Added a button to play just the last 3 seconds (approx.) of the song. Fixed standalone DRO player, which got broken in v3 r4. Default width […]

DRO Trimmer now available on BitBucket

I have set up a project for DRO Trimmer on BitBucket. This should make it easier for people to get the source code, may encourage forks & modifications, and also provides issue tracking and a wiki (which I’ll eventually write to). (If you know GitHub, this is the same sort of thing, but it […]